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Review - The Celebutantes #1 - On the avenue by Antonio Pagliarulo

There's somethin' bout the way,The street looks when it's just rained,

Hello readers,

Today I post to you in a rather depressed mood due to Undone by Cat Clarke. I'm almost finished yet I'm dreading the ending.It also doesn't help that I'm listening to sad songs.I was always one to create an atmosphere.

The Taylor Swift quote refers to the constant torrential down pours outside my window right now - natures even galvanising the atmosphere to heighten.

Anyway let's move onto the review before I break down into tears and my laptop electrocutes me :

Book name - On the avenue

Series - #1 in The Celebutantes

Author - Antonio Pagliarulo

Page count - 342 pages

Time spent reading - 25th May - 28th May

Review :

You'll probably recognise this book from my Library Lovelies and Riveting Reservations orginal post. I picked it up last Thursday because it just seemed like the ridiculous 'trash' I'd enjoy.

A magnificent mystery.

The plot revolves around the Hamilton triplets - the richest, most scandalous and famous trio of  New York City.

When they're accused of murdering the maker and breaker of the fashion industry ,due to the fact her body is found dressed in a garment from their upcoming fashion line, they decide to find the real killer.

It's similar to two of my favourite things so I'd recommend it to fans of these :

Pretty Little Liars - they receive unpleasant texts from an anonymous source and are solving a murder in both.

Gossip Girl - (I've yet to read the book series but it shares these qualities with the tv show) it's set in Manhattan and the girls personalities plus lives  resemble that of characters on the show - especially Lexington and Serena.

Unexpected murderer therefore I'll definitely continue reading this series.

Rating :

4 out of 5 stars

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