Thursday, 23 May 2013

Library Lovelies and Riveting Reservations #1

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library"
Welcome to my new segment readers,

During this post I will show you my library lovelies  - books that I've borrowed from one of the local libraries - and riveting reservations - books that weren't available at the library I go to so I've pestered for them to be sent to my library so I can read them.Also it's basically just an excuse to write about my adoration of libraries.

I went quite psycho Today with the amount I checked out because I'm off school next week therefore I'll have more devouring time. It's only my second time visiting this particular library (I'm a member of 3 - My District library, Nearby District Library and my School Library) the Nearby District library so I have plenty of options to choose from.

The previous time I visited it I didn't notice that it had a self-service machine. Today was the first time I'd ever encountered them - it certainly saves my books from not being scanned properly by ditsy librarians but has me worried about my hopeful career as a librarian.

Riveting Reservations
This section will be complied in to three categories - Arrived (books I reserved but are now ready to collect) , In Transit (when they've sent the book to my library but it hasn't arrived yet) and Reserved (when they've not done anything regarding my reservation).


Dream on by Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore - Arrived at My District Library on the 21st

In Transit

Megastar Mysteries #5 - Honeydale by Annabelle Starr - Labelled as In Transit as of Today coming to My District Library


Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children by Ransom Riggs - Reserved on January 18th 2013 coming to My District Library

Diary of a mall girl by Luisa Plaja - Reserved on May 18th 2013 coming to My District Library

Pretty little liars #7 - Heartless by Sara Shepard - Reserved Today coming to the Nearby District Library

Pretty Little Liars #8 - Wanted by Sara Shepard - Reserved Today coming to the Nearby District Library

Steady Beat #1 (Manga) by Rivkah - Reserved Today coming to the Nearby District Library

Library Lovelies

Animal Academy #1 by Hakobune Hakusho
This library has a colossal Manga section (6 shelves full) therefore I'll be reading a lot more from this genre now.
I picked this one up before some of the others because of it's plot - a normal girl enrols in a school for shape-shifters.
The reason I love these books is that they're so adorable,pretty and quick reads.
Interested in this book ? Click here for more information :
Koihime Soushi by Koge-Donbo

Another Manga but this time a romance centring around a girl with the ability to galvanise people to love her.
Interested in this book ? Click here for more information :
Wrong Number by Chloe Rayban
The author of this book wrote  a series that I own called the Justine Duval/Wild Child series which I plan to read in June.
Therefore when I noticed this 70 page quick read I thought I'd see if I enjoyed her writing style.
It sounds so sweet - it's about a girl who receives a call from boy who has dialled a wrong number and starts falling in love with him.
The catastrophic history of you and me by Jess Rothenberg
I've been extremely excited for this book since it was released last autumn.
Who wouldn't adore a book with a pretty cover, creative title and a plot line to die for ?
Interested in this book ? Click here for more information :
Undone by Cat Clarke
Similarly to the previous book listed, I've been awaiting the opportunity to read this novel.
The plot is simple yet intriguing - an investigation of her best friends death - but the length (500 pages) supplies that there's depth to the story.
Interested in this book ? Click here for more information :
The Celebutantes #1 - On the avenue by Antonio Pagliarulo
A Goodreads reviewer described this as Nancy Drew (which I love) + Gossip Girl (which I loved the t.v show of and plan to finally read the book series of in September) + Pretty Little Liars (which words can not express how much I love) so if that's true this maybe the best book ever !
The plot line sounds amazing and I've never read a book about triplets before.
Interested in this book ? Click here for more information :
Prophecy of the sisters by Michelle Zink
A horror-themed book about twins sound like something utterly unmissable and was recommended to me on Goodreads.
Interested in this book ? Click here for more information : 
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