Sunday, 5 May 2013

Introduction - 25 facts about me!


I thought due to the fact that this is my first post (of many I can assure you) that I'd tell you 25 facts about me so can decide if you wish to proceed viewing my microscopic fragment of the internet.

1. My name is Mimi (well actually it's Amelia but it's what I prefer to be called)

2. I'm 13

3. My Birthday is in November

4. I've loved reading beyond belief for my entire existence

5. My Goodreads account is :

6. My favourite authors are (in no particular order) : R.L Stine,Kate Brian,Sara Shepard,Christopher Pike,Francine Pascal,Anne Cassidy,Melody James, Cathy Cassidy and Jackson Pearce

7. My favourite genre is Young Adult

8. My main ambition is to become an author of YA horror novels and work as a librarian

9. My favourite subject at school is English although I also enjoy Spanish (I won an award for superlative in my school for it) , History and Maths

10. I love using words nobody else seems to understand like Bibliomania

11. My favourite actor is Johnny Depp and he's in my favourite film of all time Edward Scissor-Hands

12. I've read 66 books so far this year and 14,000 pages

13. I have won 3 book giveaways on Goodreads since joining in February 2013 and squealed every time I realised I'd won them

14. I mainly buy my books from charity shops because most of the books I love where published before I was born

15. I'm participating in the Carnegie book awards challenge

16. I have long straight brunette hair

17. I'm a member of three different library services

18. I live in the UK but constantly dream of moving to the USA

19. I love horror movies that I shouldn't really be watching such as Halloween (1978) my favourite

20. My favourite tv show is Pretty Little Liars

21. I own over 350 books (3 bookshelves to display them) and I have yet to include all of them on my books-i-own Goodreads shelf

22. I collect bookmarks

23. My favourite food is a tie between Pasta and Subway Sandwiches

24. I loathe pretty much everything that's considered currently as popular

25. On my blog you'll see regular hauls (probably weekly), reviews (it takes me a maximum of 3 days to finish a book), miscellaneous tags I've seen on the Booktube community and more

Thank you for reading and hopefully you'll become a frequent visitor,


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