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Review - P.S Longer letter later (Elizabeth and Tara*Starr #1) and Final Read-a-thon Update #7

The End is near ! ,

No I'm not talking about doomsday but the unfortunate end of the Bout of Books read-a-thon.

Today's post will feature my final read-a-thon update but the review posting will still continue for a while. However I may have a book haul on Saturday or a Tag from Youtube post so other content will be mixed in.

Also on the subject of my Blog Posts, Would you like a new segment on books I've borrowed from my libraries ? I've been contemplating having a segment like this for a while so I would really appreciate your opinions on it in the comments.

Read-a-thon Update #7 :
Finished Megastar Mysteries #6 - Songbird by Annabelle Starr so a review will be up soon.

Going to start and finish hopefully Sweet  Valley High #23 - Say Goodbye by Francine Pascal tonight.

Then I'll start reading Looking for Alaska by John Green which I'm very excited  for as the author has received a copious amount of hype. It's his debut novel so it's a good book to start with for his writing.

My post tomorrow will be summing up my Read-a-thon experience (the books I read , the amount of pages I read etc) so be sure to check that out!

Let the reviewing commence :

Book name - P.S Longer letter later
Series - #1 in Elizabeth and Tara*Starr series
Authors - Paula Danziger and Ann M. Martin
Page count - 267 pages
Time spent reading - 16th May - 18th May
Review :
I borrowed and read this book from the library last year and when it appeared on the library book sale for 10p I automatically bought it due to my adoration of it.
Sometimes when I re-read a book I loved first time around it isn't as good as I remembered e.g Point Horror - The Baby-sitter by R.L Stine. But with this book that's definitely not the case !
It basically revolves around two very different best friends and how they deal with their separation by keeping contact through letters.
The characters are very original and people who I would be friends with if they existed. This is because their personalities express features I'm very poignant to.
The letter format galvanises you to be hooked.In addition the letters contain content such as lists so it's not written solely in one writing style.
I now urgently desire the sequel ,Snail Mail no more, therefore I'm rating this :
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