Thursday, 16 May 2013

Read-a-thon Update #4

Like Ships in the night , The Read-a-thon's passing me by,

Hi Ruthless readers ! I know I should be posting a book review along with this post but I'm just feeling really over-whelmed by pressure Today and I don't have the time to write the review this late (normally I'd have begun writing earlier but not tonight).

I sincerely apologise for this rushed post.

You can expect better content from Friday 24th May-Sunday 2nd June because that's when I get a week off school.

Read-a-thon Update #4 :

A Matt Kearney song (one of my favourite songs) is altered in my introduction and it really expresses my current emotions.

Today I was busier compared to the previous days in the week and this will develop during the rest of the Read-a-thon I believe. Here's my schedule that explains this business :

Fri - School all day and going out for dinner till at 21 : 00 pm. Then my favourite programmes on from 21 : 30 - 22 : 00 so I'll only get 1 hr 30 min reading time.

Sat - Might be going shopping during the day or at least the local library.Expected reading time 4-8 hours depending on which situation it is.

Sun - Going to the cinema and Homework time. Expected reading time - 3-4 hours

Anyway I only managed to read to page 108 in P.S Longer Letter Later by Paula Danziger and Ann M. Martin (not on my TBR but just seemed a good choice) because I tried reading two other horror novels got to page 20 then suffered bordom from both.

I'm re-reading this because I adore it and really want to buy the sequel NOW !!!!

Because of the upcoming tight schedule I might have to remove The Crush by Alex Shearer from the TBR pile but this is yet to be confirmed.

Thank you for reading this post ! ,

I apologise again for the length and quality.

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