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Review- Pretty little liars #6 Killer by Sara Shepard

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Today I finally write for you my first review of Pretty Little Liars #6 Killer.Spoiler Alerts will be forewarned.

Book Name : Killer
Series : #6 in Pretty Little Liars series
Author : Sara Shepard
Page count : 268 pages
Time Spent Reading : 5th May - 8th May

Borrowed from the library this book bizarrely  took me double the time it should have taken (2 days) to devour : however this doesn't mean I didn't adore it.

Continuing on directly from the concluding scene in the previous book (Wicked) this book revolves around what happens to the liars lives after the discovery on the final page aka some psycho stuff.

The plot line now has completely diverted from the show and contains copious unaired flashbacks.


Firstly,things that happened that don't have anything do with Alison's murder and -A ...

Spencer's family are being complete devils throughout this book. Her own grandmother excludes her from her will and her car being taken away for a non-plausible reason - Seriously? So she tries to find out if she's adopted and gets scammed by the women she believed to be her birth mother -Spencer's entire college savings has been stolen.Also she hooks up with Andrew for a while but it doesn't last for long. I felt most sympathetic to Spencer's plot during this book because everything that could go wrong in her life did.

Aria meets another older man/potential love interest but unfortunately he's already taken before she can bestow her love upon him - BY HER MOTHER!!!!!!!! That doesn't stop said love interest though and there's an array of creepy 'love' scenes between them before she moves in with her father and Meredith again. To forget her problems with the creep she decides to try and spawn a relationship with Jason Dilaurentes - BIG MISTAKE -  to try make her 6th Grade fantasies a reality. Predictably it doesn't work out as there's a series of scary angry Jason moments that ruin their possible chances of a relationship.

In other Aria related news, Hanna is competing against her spiteful step-sister Kate for Aria's Brother's ,Mike's, affection.Hanna wins but Kate doesn't care because it all turned out to be a ploy to get Hanna back for the Herpes rumour (in Wicked).Hanna had the most lacking storyline as this was all that really happened.

Emily confused me characterisation wise the most in this book because suddenly her sexuality changed - she went from kissing a girl in a photo booth to sleeping with a guy, named Issac, she'd only known for like 2 weeks. They break up shortly afterwards and to be honest Emily's not that it bothered her because Issac had a psycho mother who wanted to see her dead

Now it's to analyse what I believe is the most crucial part of the whole story - what we learnt about Alison's murder in the order we discovered it.

First the flashback at the start -that was already partially revealed in book #5 Wicked- where a mysterious crash occurred and 'Ali' was rapidly whisked off in a car after quickly talking to the girls explaining about the Time Capsule piece. I think the crash was Alison protesting about
*SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T READ WANTED DON'T READ THE REST OF THIS PARAGRAPH* having to visit her twin sister Courtney (I read a spoiler years ago about this so I know) again and why she was whisked away in the car. This is also why when Emily found that sign in book at the Cavalier dance that the visits Jason made stopped after this date.

It's also hinted at the end of that flashback that Alison's piece of the time capsule flag has something about her murder on it. Unfortunately I don't think we'll be able to learn what was on the flag because (right at the end of the book) ,when Aria had it in her back pocket, she fell so I think it will have fallen out and been burnt by the Barn Fire.

When Spencer saw somebody in the woods and thought it was Melissa I definitely think it was Alison.

I don't have a clue why Jason and Jenna were arguing but I have a feeling it's important.

When Aria asks Jason to go to The Radley dance I know that he gets all freaked out because *SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T READ WANTED DON'T READ THE REST OF THIS PARAGRAPH* he used to visit Courtney there.

I'm really confused at why -A has only been targeting Spencer and Emily. I think -A is Melissa because she seems to have secrets about the time Alison was alive and of course she'd want to target Spencer.

Hanna sees Alison again in a dream (why is it always only Hanna?) and receives all these seemingly cryptic clues from her.When she works them out they turn out to all point the finger to the Murderer of Alison being Jason and Wilden.

The scene at the end where Alison -Or is it?- reveals herself to the girls came as a shock to me as I don't see how the story can pan out for 6 or so other books now. But I guess that's the thing about Rosewood - there's always more secrets.


The ending of this book has left me yearning for Heartless like someone who's drowning yearns for air it's my definite 2nd favourite of the series (after Unbelievable) so far therefore I'm granting it :

5 out of 5 stars

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