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Review - Vampire Kisses #1 - Blood Relatives (Manga edition) by Ellen Shreiber

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I actually read this book yesterday but due to faulty Internet access (Storms suck and galvanise you to do that Geography essay you've been dodging for almost a fortnight) it's being posted today.I suppose this could be considered a good thing surrounding the terms that my friend was actually borrowing this book yesterday so a picture wouldn't have been included. I sincerely apologise though for any inconvenience posting a day late might have caused.

But anyway here the review-finally-is:

Book name : Blood Relatives

Series : #1 in Manga version of Vampire Kisses

Author : Ellen Shreiber

Page count : 98 pages

Time spent reading : 30 minutes between 8th - 9th


I borrowed this last Friday when I joined a new library service that has a massive section (5 2 metre length shelves) filled with Young Adult Manga. I hadn't read this genre often before (only about 10 times) due to the lack of availability at my other libraries but now I believe Manga novels could become part of my weekly reads.

The artwork throughout this novel was incredible and should be viewed by any Japanese art enthusiast - if they can handle continuity errors.

Unfortunately however I suffered many annoyances when it came to the plot.

Firstly the story started very suddenly and it seemed like the plot was rather like a sequel from all the story details that where briefly explained. Therefore I would have preferred an entire book to those things detailed rather than trying to cram it all in a careless manner.

In addition the whole thing pretty much lacked detail and suffered plot wise in the long run when it finished rather arubtedley before anything had really occurred and on the verge of a crucial scene - which is especially an inconvenience for me because the rest of the series isn't obtainable.

I think the plot would have been a lot more clearer and satisfying if I had read the book series that it's a manga of.

Therefore for unexpected issues within the plot and similarities to the Twilight saga (which I hate) I'm rating it :

  3 out of 5 stars

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