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Review - Summer Camp Secrets #9 - Just Friends ? by Melissa J Morgan

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In store for you today at the dawning of a new week is another delayed review.

The Ron Pope song quote is referring to the inevitable change in climate after the spectacular sunshine decided to disappear meaning the tragic demise of outside reading.The pleasantness of heat is going to return on Friday according to the current weather fore-cast though so fingers crossed.

Review time :

Book name - Just Friends ?

Series - #9 in Summer Camp Secrets

Author - Melissa J Morgan

Page count - 157 pages

Time spent reading - 21st May - 23rd May

Review :

Bought this book from one of my favourite charity shops in a Nearby town for £1.25 because I'd already read a copious amount of others from the series (these books : #1,#2,#3,#5,#6,#9,#10,#11 #13 and #14).

This novel explores tomboy Priya and what happens when she believes that her best friend starts experiencing emotions towards her.

It's unrequited of course. Until she discovers that it's actually one of her bunk mates he's crushing on and unexpected jealousy strikes.

But does Priya really love him ?

Previously I didn't know anything about the protagonist so it was interesting to learn about her.

It was an adorable contemporary but not my favourite from this lengthy fun quick read series.

I'd recommend this series for those searching for an easy summer series.

I'm rating this :

4 out of 5 stars

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