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Review - Sweet Valley High #23 - Say Goodbye by Francine Pascal

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As the title states the heat has continued to influence my life.I've spent practically the whole day devouring a book whilst the sun has tanned me in one of new beautiful blouses.

Also on the subject of home life I should probably mention that my Wi-fi has been back on since Thursday I just forgot to tell you.

Today I present to you a post that should have appeared almost a week ago.Post catch up will continue until at least Wednesday as there's two other reviews I need to catch up on.

I'm officially free from school for a week now though so you should expect better content and possibly more than one book haul.

Now that I've hopefully got you excited, I'll begin my fan girl fest :

Book name - Say Goodbye
Series - #23 in Sweet Valley High
Author - Francine Pascal
Page count - 153 pages
Time Spent Reading - 19th May - 20th May
Review :
I purchased this book from one of the charity shops in my town for 10p despite it's battered exterior - can I really resist SVH ?
Ideally I wanted to finish it during the final day of the Bout of Books Read-a-thon however Gatsby disrupted that plan.Throughout the school day that followed I could see the twins flawless million dollar smiles begging me to devour it during school work time. It was almost too much to endure so I rushed home to finish this.
Although plot wise this isn't my favourite from the series it's definitely the most heart-wrenching and tear-jerking.It takes you on an extraordinary roller-coaster ride that you wish never had to end.
The plot details what happens when Sweet Valley's superlatively adorable couple - Todd Wilkins and Elizabeth Wakefield - are galvanised into separation due to Todd's reallocation.
You should listen to Taylor Swift's (I don't like her newest album ,except for the song All too well which is my favourite by her, but her old actually Country music is phenomenal) song Last Kiss because the words express exactly what happens during the novel
The sub plot was extremely enjoyable as well. Jessica is employed by a dating agency and her match-making creates humorous results.
I adored this book and would especially recommend it to those SVH fans who love Todd and Elizabeth's relationship.
It has me enthused for my Sweet Valley reading week in June where I'm going to read as many  books from the different Sweet Valley series as I can. More on that in my June TBR post though that will probably appear on Friday.
Therefore in consideration of these points I'm rating this :
5 out of 5 stars
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