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Review - Sweet Valley High #88 - Love Letters for sale and Read-a-thon Update #6

The promise I made,Is starting to fade,

I didn't intend to make not posting on a Friday a habit but somehow it's become one. I sincerely apologise for the lack of a post but as I mentioned in Thursday's post (check it out if you haven't already) I was really busy.

So busy in fact that I only read 10 pages yesterday... Oh the shame ! I've never done that before and when I finally did commit the crime it's during read-a-thon week. Talk about bad timing.

On a more positive note though I did win a Goodreads Giveaway today for a book called The Academy : Game on by Monica Seles. I'm pretty excited because a) it takes place at a boarding school b) the plot sounds amazing and c) it's been compared to another series that extremely excited for - The Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter.

Read-a-thon Update #6 :
I've decided that I want to reference songs in all my introductory lines hence the Girls Aloud lyric that refers to the broken promise of posting a Read-a-thon Update daily.

Moving on to the actual update , I finished P.S Longer letter later by Paula Danziger and Ann M. Martin today so a review will be up tomorrow instead of double Gatsby review. This is because I couldn't get into the book because the writing was too complicated.

Currently I'm reading Megastar Mysteries #6 - Songbird by Annabelle Star. I read some of the series when I was 11 and couldn't resist revisiting the series Today when I spotted one in the library. I haven't read this one before and I'm 24 pages in at the moment. The font is larger than my usual reads and this makes the story fast-paced. It's so awesome that it's encouraged me to read the others that I haven't read from the series.

Plan on finishing it tomorrow then reading Sweet Valley High #23 - Say Goodbye by Francine Pascal afterwards to signify the end of this challenge.

Review time now :

Book name - Love Letters for sale

Series - #88 in Sweet Valley High

Author - Francine Pascal

Page count - 156 pages

Time spent reading - 14th May - 15th May

Review :

I only purchased this last week for 10p in my favourite charity shop in the world but due to unstoppable manic anticipation I read it this week as a special treat for reaching the middle of the read-a-thon.

This is one of my favourite series and the plot for this one sounded particularly interesting.

It definitely didn't disappoint because it's now my second favourite SVH novel (after #7 Dear Sister) !

The concept is amazing :

Elizabeth and Jessica decide to become entrepreneurs by starting their own letter-writing business (this has now become one of my ambitions but unfortunately nobody writes letters as much as they did in the 80's).

Todd , Elizabeth's boyfriend, is suspicious and feels neglected by his girlfriend during the scheme as Elizabeth won't reveal anything about the business.

Therefore when one of the twins 'friends' begins developing a crush on him and uses the letter writing service to win his heart Todd and Elizabeth's relationship is in jeopardy! Will Todd betray his true love ?

*Sweet Spoilers *

Jessica in a relationship that's lasted longer than a fortnight? Sounds hard to believe but that's her status in this book.This was weird because one of my favourite characteristics of her is the flirt trait but I'm happy she's settling down.

The parts that seemed to foreshadow an E.W + T.W break-up almost had me having a break down therefore I was rather relieved by the unbelievably adorable penultimate chapter's scenes at the end.

*Spoilers Over *
Especially can't wait for my other Sweet Valley High read tomorrow after my successful devouring of this.
Because I had absolutely no problems with this book, I'm rating it :

5 out of 5 stars

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