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Review - Megastar Mysteries #6 - SongBird by Annabelle Starr

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Anyway here's the delayed review :

Book name - SongBird

Series - #6 in Megastar Mysteries

Author - Annabelle Starr

Page count - 130 pages

Time spent reading - 18th - 19th

Review :

I chose this gleefully at the library last weekend when I recognised the series title from reading them 2 years ago.

This series is about 3 normal best friends (Rosie,Soph and Abs)who are constantly solving mysteries for celebrities - so unrealistic.

 In this particular book a new popular anonymous singer ,only known as SongBird,is invited to their environmental themed school fete. However SongBird may start singing the blues because someone is attempting to sabotage this event.

Can Rosie, her friends and her crazy detective programme loving Grandmother stop the saboteur in time ?

It was weird but also successful to re-visit characters I hadn't encountered for so long.Stories like this make me want my own detective agency.

Unfortunately I did solve the mystery of this book before it was revealed but it's the first time that's happened with this series.

I still thought this book was extremely enjoyable though due to the fact they uncover evidence so quickly.

I'd recommend this for people who love Nancy Drew (like me) and are looking for a girly quick read.

I'll definitely be reading the others in the series so I'm rating this :

3 out of 5 stars

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