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Review - Summer Camp Secrets #11 - Falling in Like by Melissa J Morgan

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So no book haul after all as I didn't go shopping . I can promise with trustworthy certainty that there will be a book haul on Thursday as I'm going to a Nearby ,yet not so frequently visited,town that has at least 20 charity shops !

The Hilary Duff lyrics (I was a colossal fan of her in my naive innocent days and I'm intrigued to read her book series) refer to the rainy day that has drenched residents of my village.

The droplets have been drowned out by my relentless reading though .One book finished.One book started and finished.One book 25% the way through and becoming one of my favourites.

Back to the actual post though and let's start reviewing :

Book name - Falling in like

Series - #11 in Summer Camp Secrets

Author - Melissa J Morgan

Page count - 191 pages

Time spent reading - 23rd May - 25th May

Review :

No.4 in my top 5 favourites from this series, this adorably fun book leaves me yearning to read all the books from this series.

The plot revolves around the trials and tribulations of 4 Camp Lakeview residents after their summer at camp.

Alyssa is shunned by the Art department at her school when she enters an inappropriate painting into their competition and an international campaign is launched protesting that she should be able to enter it - so unrealistic.

Valerie is galvanised to stay with her father whilst her mother is aiding her sick family member. This means having to endure her spiteful step-sister and attend dance lessons with her. When Valerie begins to out-shine her step-sister murder on the dance floor commences.

Tori is developing a series crush on the new boy at her school. However she's forbidden to date him by her father due to the fact it's the son of one of his clients. But will this romance suffer the same fate as that of Romeo and Juliet's ?

Priya is falling in love once again. This time with the boy whose family owns the snack bar adjacent to hers.She can barely find the time to hang out with him though because of her science project. Will this romance end before it's even started ?

Similarly to my adoration of the same writing style wise No.5 in the series the multi-perspective narrative is perfection and I would prefer if the entire series was written in this format.

In conclusion, my rating is :

4 out of 5 stars

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