Monday, 10 June 2013

Library Lovelies and Riveting Reservations #3

"When I got my library card, that was when my life began."
Happy Monday readers,
Although it was only reinforced yesterday I've already managed to ruin the schedule. Rules are made to be broken I suppose.

Anyway todays post is of the loss of control I experienced on Saturday 8th when I went to two libraries.

The quote stated by Rita Mae Brown sums me up completely because I can't imagine my life (and how penniless I'd be) without the taken for granted privilege of visiting a library.

Anway I'll begin by discussing the reservations I've made :

Riveting Reservations
This section will be complied in to three categories - Arrived (books I reserved but are now ready to collect) , In Transit (when they've sent the book to my library but it hasn't arrived yet) and Reserved (when they've not done anything regarding my reservation).Today there's only one category though because I only made these reservations Today
Magenta #3 - Magenta goes green by Echo Freer - Reserved Today Coming to My District library

Strawberry marshmallow by Barasui - Reserved Today Coming to My District library

Shut out by Kody Keplinger - Reserved Today Coming to My District library

Library Lovelies
My Nearby District Library

Teen Dreams by Roz Kaveney
I picked up this guide to teen films as I'm running out of movies to watch so I thought this would help me discover some new choices.
There's a picture from one of favourite films Clueless on the cover which I interpret as a good sign 
Steady Beat #1 by Rivkah
This sounded like a spectacular mystery Manga and should be easy to devour.
Celebutauntes #2 - In the club by Antonio Pagliarulo
My last review on this Blog was of the first one in the series and if you've read that (go read it now please if you haven't) you may have predicted that I'd pick this up.
Despite the hideous cover (seriously who told that girl to do that facial expression?) I'm really enthused to read this and I pray that it's as good as the first.
Romeo & Juliet retold by Powell Cabrera
I've already read this but you'll have to read my upcoming review to hear my thoughts.
Selected due to the fact I adore the original tale that it's a graphic novel of.
My District Library
Megastar Mysteries #7 - Estelle by Annabelle Starr
Still pursuing this series for fun. You can check out my review for the previous book on this blog. I read this Today but you'll have to wait a while to hear my opinion on it.
Megastar Mysteries #8 - Hollie by Annabelle Starr
A threat to my current favourite in the series #5 Honeydale in order to the fact the plot revolves around an author's (which is what I aspire to be) mystery.

Diary of a mall girl by Luisa Plaja
I believe this a 2013 contempory debut and it seems like the perfect girly read for this Summer. The concepts pretty interesting so I'm relatively excited to read this.
Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children by Ransom Riggs
I've wanted to read this since it was released but due to countess others reserving it on the Library website I've only managed to pick it up now.
I love how there's creepy photographs involved and I can already visualise Tim Burton (my favourite director) making it into a movie.
Extremely high hopes for this.

The Carrie Diaries #2 - Summer and the city by Candace Bushnell
I thought the Carrie Diaries was an average book (I can't decide whether I prefer it or not to the show) so I thought I'd pick up the sequel.
That was a big mistake as I loathed this book and didn't even finish it. There was inaccuracies to Sex and the city regarding her meeting Miranda.
Would not recommend.
Thanks for reading this post !

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