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Rainbow Spines and Covers Tag - Converted from Youtube

Somewhere over the Rainbow,

Hello readers,
The tag of the week is actually an old one ,created about a year ago by ArrictineReads, but I thought I'd do it anyway because it's a beautiful one. I chose books I'd never used previously used for tags.

Before I start though , in other book related news I was awarded the Top reader and reviewer/overall participant for my district in the Carnegie book awards scheme.

Unfortunately my favourite book of the shortlist , Wonder by R.J Palicio, didn't win but I haven't read the winning book so I don't know if it was a worthy triumph.

Anyway back to purpose of this post :

Red is for ....

Point Romance - Winter Warmers by Assorted Authors

This anthology is perfect for the festive season. It has a lovely holly-berry/Santa outfit coloured cover to match this theme.

Orange is for ...

Vampire Beach #3 - Ritual by Alex Duval
Got this free with a magazine in 2011 and I plan on reading it this summer.
The colour of the book instantly makes my associate with the summer season as orange is the colour for heat.
Yellow is for ...
The Chocolate Box Girls #3 - Summer's Dream by Cathy Cassidy
There's not a large selection for this colour however I believe there should be more.
This is actually my favourite cover of the series so far (and what's beneath the jacket as well).
The colour is very summery so it suits the book.
Green is for ...
Nightmare Hall - The Roommate by Diane Hoh
Not my favourite from the series but it has a slime green colour so I used it for this tag.
Blue is for ...

Dreaming of Amelia by Jaclyn Moriarty
I really want to read this authors work soon but the trouble is her books are all longer than what I usually read - 450+ pages - so I'm rather intimidated.
Her books are all different colours and I really do adore the simplicity yet prettiness of this cover.
Indigo is for ...
The Princess and The Pauper by Kate Brian
This is the debut novel of one of my favourite authors and I'd describe at as a combination of the Princess Diaries, Monte Carlo and Confessions of a teenage drama queen.
Illustrated covers are under threat of extinction therefore it's pleasant to view one with such an unusual colour as it's background.
Violet is for ...

Bloomability by Sharon Creech
I've read a book by this author before and intended to read this in Winter but didn't manage to.
Basic cover that proves that words are more powerful than pictures.
Final Result :
Thanks for reading this post !,
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Please leave a Comment below because I'd appreciate hearing your opinions ( good or bad) about the book/s.
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Let me know below which book was your favourite.
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