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Review - The death of death by K.N Parker and UPDATES !

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So I thought I'd postpone my book haul until Sunday because I usually buy lots on the weekend so I might start doing weekly book haul wrap-ups instead now. Also I really wanted to do this review before I forget the many things I want to include.

The quote comes from one of my favourite songs (Fields of gold by Sting) that I'm currently listening to.

First though here are some new things you need to know about :

Update #1 - I will not be  reviewing every book I read just the ones I have a lot to say about.

You can still see the ratings of all the books I read if you friend me on Goodreads (my account link is in the 'About me' section of my Blog).

If you'd like to request a review of a book that I mention in a post then just Comment anytime.

Update #2 - I'll be doing monthly TBR's now and my first will probably be next Thursday or Sunday.

Update #3 - I have a two Holidays and many day trips planned in the Summer now. One of the holidays is during the Bout of Books read-a-thon therefore I can no longer do it :(.

On the bright side though more book hauls will probably happen.

Update #4 - I'm thinking of participating in the Booktube-a-thon instead though but more about that in the July TBR.

Update #5 - This isn't really an update but I want some requests for post ideas you want me to do and I'll certainly do them.

The updates are over so let the Review begin ! :

The Death of Death
(Picture via Goodreads)
Book name - The death of death
Author - K.N Parker
Page count - 33 pages
Time spent reading - 30 minutes on the 18th
Review :
My first ever Kindle read and a spectacular introduction to a new format it was.
Whoever said that "The best things in life are free" was certainly correct concerning this book as that's the price it was. It's not yet been hauled because I read it directly after I bought it and there hasn't been a book haul since the 16th.
Although initially I believed it would be an averagely written short story it was actually phenomenal!
The plot surrounds a young dead guide working for death who forewarns certain special people of their upcoming death.
But she's different to all her colleagues because she can't remember any details of her life and how she died.
It will take meeting her newest dying person to forewarn to learn her past.
She'll discover that the truth is something that could shock her to death ... If she was still alive that is.
I loved the tragic death stories that this story had a copious amount of as they certainly tugged at my sensitive emotions.
The unexpected twist at the end was perfect and creates high hopes for my other Kindle freebies.
Rating :
5 out of 5 stars
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