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The Book Burger tag - Converted from Youtube

The Sweetest Sweet Valley Week,

Hi readers,
I'm extremely enjoying my life at the moment : I attended a Literacy conference yesterday, have managed to read a Sweet Valley book per day this week so far and I won a £5 WH Smith voucher in a prize draw at school.

To add to this euphoria I'm now going to devour a scrumptious tag that seems to be trending currently. I personally adore it as I think the questions are so fun : the tag is so original and inventive. It was created by RyanReadsBooks.

On another enthusiastic note, Here's the post :

I'm building a book burger.

First I need a bottom bab - the first book in a series I loved :

Signs of love  #1 - Love Match by Melody James
Amongst my top 5 favourite reads of the year I adored this colossally due to the remarkable list of things I could be poignant to.
I've only read the first two books but I plan on buying the third this weekend if I can find it and the fourth comes out in August.
Now here's the Burger Meat - A 400+ page book that  I've read and enjoyed.
Final Destination 3 (novelisation) 409 pages
The movie adaptation is my favourite of the franchise but I recommend the book more as it has additional detail and I actually prefer it to the film.
I don't read many thick books so this was the only candidate for this category that's currently on my shelves
Next I add a thin slice of cheese - a book I've read and enjoyed (200 pages or less)
Master of Murder by Christopher Pike 169 pages
My favourite novel by him so a splendid choice for this option : Marvin is my ideal husband.
As well as a slice of lettuce - A book I want to read but haven't yet (200 pages or less)

Cannibals by Cynthia D. Grant 133 pages
Bought this book in Bridlington (I'll be returning for a Book buying trip there in August) last summer and intend on reading it in July.
If this book wasn't so tall with a small font size it would probably be 250 pages long but fortunately it is applicable for this choice in this annoying size.
Time for a thinly sliced tomato -  An average-sized (200-400 pages) book I loved
The Vampire Stalker by Allison Van Diepen  250 pages

The second top 5 favourite of 2013 from this tag I loved this book a lot more than I expected to.
Now for a new sauce - A book I thought I'd love but hated
Only read book one in this series unless you want ridiculous plots and disappointment.
Finally I need a top bap to complete my burger - The last book in a series I don't want to end.
Pretty Little Liars #14 - Deadly by Sara Shepard
Pictured is #3 Perfect because it's the only one in the series that I own.
Even though I've only read up to the original ending I will be upset to see the full series end when I read them.
I suppose It's not the end of the world because I've still got The Lying Game series to read.
My Book Burger :
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