Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Summer Lovin' Read-a-thon Update #3 and My Favourite Fictional Female

Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee
Hi Bookaholics,
Today I return to the schedule of the read-a-thon and discuss my favourite female book character.
Let me just say it was literally the hardest thing ever to choose my favourite so I just ended up choosing one I really adored.

My Favourite Fictional Female is...
(Picture isn't mine) 
Alison Dilaurentis
From the Pretty Little Liars series obviously I enjoy the parts with her in most in the books and the show.

The reason I chose Alison is that she's just so bitchy but humourous at the same time.
She's the ultimate definition of popularity yet no one ,not even her friends, truly knows the real her.

Now let's see how my progress is for the read-a-thon :
 Update #3
I finished the last 16 pages of Nancy Drew Files #7 - Deadly Doubles by Carolyn Keene yesterday evening and tried to read J-17 - Double Love by Jacqui Deevoy  but it wasn't satisfying so I only read the first chapter.
Last night I also began reading the first book in one of my all time favourite series' Magenta #1 - Magenta Orange. I'm re-reading it so I can read Magenta #3 - Magenta Goes Green which I haven't read before. Currentley I'm on page 94.
Going to try and finish Magenta #1 - Magenta Orange tonight -probably won't though - and if I do I'll be reading the Lovephobia manga which won't take long.
Plan on reading - 19:30pm - 22:00pm.
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