Friday, 5 July 2013

Summer Lovin' Read-a-thon Update #5 and Progress and Plans

"Whole lotta shakin' going on",
Hello bookworms,
Before I begin discussing the post I would just like to THANK EVERYONE SO MUCH for the over-whelming response I've had recently. I can't believe the amount of positive comments and views I've received. Blogging really has changed my life for the better and I wish I had the time to post everyday but I do the best that I can. Yet again THANK YOU!
Anyway so today I'll be writing about how I've been doing in the read-a-thon and what I hope to be reading for the rest of the read-a-thon.
Firstly I'll do an Update for today and yesterday :
Update #4
I didn't read as much as I'd hoped to yesterday as I only read to page 78 in Magenta #3 - Magenta goes green by Echo Freer.
I've certainly made up for it today already though as when I came home from a splendid day at school the heat and the sun made it irresistible to read outside.
 I finished Magenta #3 - Magenta goes green by Echo Freer in addition to starting and finishing Lovephopia #1 (Manga).
 I'm currently on page 17 of Love Struck by Rachael Wing and hope to finish it either tonight or tomorrow morning so I can return it to the library that same day.
Progress and Plans
Number of Books read so far - 5 books !
Sabrina the teenage witch #2 - The magic within (graphic novel) - Last 29 pages
Nancy Drew Files #7 - Deadly doubles by Carolyn Keene - Full 149 pages
Magenta #1 - Magenta Orange by Echo Freer - Full 203 pages
Magenta #3 - Magenta goes green by Echo Freer - Full 198 pages
Lovephobia #1 - Full 140 pages
Not counting for this but will count towards page count total
Love Struck by Rachael Wing - First 17 pages
Number of Pages read so far - 736 !
End of Read-thon TBR
This weekends weather is supposed to be hot and sunny so I hope to read these novels as I'll probably read more.
If I do read all these books I will have exceeded my goal of 7 books by reading 9 books and also triumphed my goal of 1,250 pages by reading 1,414 pages !
Love Struck by Rachael Wing - Currently reading this
Both sides of time by Caroline B. Cooney - Found this in the book box at the back of my German class (all the books in the box are English though) and thought I'd borrow at as she's one of my favourite author's.
Nancy Drew Files #59 - High risk by Carolyn Keene - NED'S IN THIS - ENOUGH SAID !
Sabrina the teenage witch #10 - Lotsa luck - Couldn't believe it when they had this at the library. I wanted to read one of the normal novels after reading the spectacular graphic novels.
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  1. Wow! You are doing a GREAT job!!! YAY!!!

    1. Thanks ! You're doing good too and so's your son.

  2. Wow. You've finsihed 5 already. Congratulations. Good luck with the rest of your goals. :D