Sunday, 7 July 2013

Summer Lovin' Read-a-thon Update #7 and Wrap-up

We go together,
 Happy finale my fellow participants,
This experience has been truly wonderful and has me bursting with happiness for the rest of the summer.
A superlative start to my summer reading I've really enjoyed making new friends and that's better than all the other achievements I'm about to list.
It's been far superior to all my previous read-a-thons so I hope the hosts organise another soon.
Let the euphoria commence :
Update #7
So today was another sunny day but I was slightly busier.
I finished Bakuman #1 and really want to read the 54 others. Thank you Jessethereader for introducing me to the series !
I then managed to get 98 pages into Nancy Drew Files #59 - High Risk by Carolyn Keene. I don't know if I'll finish this tonight so there might be adjustments to this post tomorrow.
Number of Books read - 8 books ! 1 book over my target :)

Sabrina the teenage witch #2 - The magic within (graphic novel) - Last 29 pages
Nancy Drew Files #7 - Deadly doubles by Carolyn Keene - Full 149 pages
Magenta #1 - Magenta Orange by Echo Freer - Full 203 pages
Magenta #3 - Magenta goes green by Echo Freer - Full 198 pages
Lovephobia #1 - Full 140 pages
Sabrina the teenage witch #10 - Lotsa Luck - Full 163 pages
Bakuman #1 - Full 203
Nancy Drew Files #59 - High Risk by Carolyn Keene - First 98 pages
Number of Pages Read - 1085 pages
Didn't quite reach my goal of 1,250 pages but this is like 1/4 of what I'd read in a month and I've read this amount in a week so I'm still happy.
 Thank you for reading this post ! ,

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  1. Woo congrats on reaching your target and managing to read more :D
    You weren't that far off of you page number goal though! So that's still good! :)

    1. Thank you !

      You did excellently as well

  2. Great job!! I loved the Sabrina books as a kid. I think I still have When In Rome and Lotsa Luck in my basement storage somewhere :)

    1. Thanks for Commenting !

      I wish I could read more of them but I only have 5 at the moment.

  3. Congrats on reaching your reading goal! Exciting when it happens. :D

    1. Thank you !

      It certainly is.

  4. Great job on surpassing your goal! And awesome page count!