Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Summer Lovin' Read-a-thon Update #2 and My Ultimate Reading Zone

You're the place that I want,

Hello readers,

So today I'm veering off from the read-a-thon schedule and doing my own thing.

An idea struck me yesterday evening that I should do a post about the preparations I make before I begin reading which become particularly extreme during a read-a-thon.

First though here's an Update to show the progress I'm making :

Update #2
Yesterday I read to page 123 out of 149 of Nancy Drew Files #7 - Deadly Doubles by Carolyn Keene.
I read 10 pages before school this morning so I've now only got 16 pages left !
After I finish I'll be reading J-17 Love Games by Jacqui Deevoy and I plan on getting to page 100.
Tonight I shall be reading from approximately 19:30 pm - 22:00 pm.

There's 3 different sections to cover so let's start already :


Usually the place I read is my bed so that's where my reading zone is.

I prefer reading in my bed to other places as it's comfy as well as quiet.

Also both my bookshelves surround me so I can pick any book I want without having to move.

Section #1 - Book related necessities

TBR pile , review book, pens and reading journal
The purpose of having these items close :
  • TBR - Will motivate you to read and if you're not enjoying your current read then you can try something else.
  • Review book - Good for writing notes for your reviews
  • Pens - Obviously to write in your Review book and Reading Journal
  • Reading Journal - As soon as you've finished a book you can record it.
Things I wouldn't recommend having near are items that will distract you from reading e.g your laptop.
Your Current read/s
Probably the most crucial and obvious thing that doesn't really require an explanation.
A Clock
Reading often makes me loose track of time and so I accidentally stay up too late and feel so tired at school the next day.
A clock is a cheap solution and if you can only read for a certain amount of time, set the alarm for the time you want to stop.

Section #2 - Food and Drink
A beverage
You can become so engrossed in a book that you can become dehydrated so having a drink will cure this problem.
I especially recommend putting ice cubes in as they will keep your drink cool plus a straw as it decreases your chance of a spillage.
Apple, Orange and Kiwi with a knife

While I'm reading is the best time for me to have my 5 a day as I can multi-task.
This is a particularly useful tip for : apple eaters as it can take you ages to devour one so you might as well do something productive at the time and people who don't usually get their 5 a day.
Make sure you pre-chop/peel though because it could shorten your reading time instead doing this as a pause after finishing a chapter.
Berries and grapes are the easiest thing to eat while reading and also a source of your 5 a day.
I mentioned Strawberries as they're also a reward for sweet-tooth's as you could always dip them into melted chocolate.
Perfect for the Summer Lovin' read-a-thon because they're often associated with this time of year.
Section #3 - Clothing and Cushions

A Comfy Jumper and Leggings (both from H&M)
Blankets may keep most of you warm but what about your arms ?
It's time to bring out your favourite Winter jumper and give it some Summer Love.
You want to be your most comfortable whilst reading so lounge wear is my recommendation  (a t-shirt and shorts or a jumper and leggings depending on the temperature) for daytime.
Pyjamas (Mine are from Primark)
 For those nights in with your boyfriend ... Your fictional one anyway !
Two pillows
I find that I'm less likely to slump if I use two pillows and I need two for back support because of the design of my bed.
Thank you for reading this post ! 
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  1. Mimi, what's the Nancy drew files? I used to read the Nancy drew series and would like to re-read them all soon, but I don't know what the files are.

    My Day 2 Participation Post

    1. The Nancy Drew Files is an 80's spin off to the original series that focuses more on romance and modern culture than the mystery.

      In my opinion they're not as great as the original series but still good.

      I loved your post : your blog design is amazing !

      Thanks for commenting!