Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Elements Book Cover Tag - Tag Converted from Youtube

Hey Book lovers,

Today's tag hasn't got much attention yet but I hope it does soon because I think it's really fun !

Created by TorsBookReviews, it's similar to the Bookshelf Scavenger hunt tag except for this tag you've got to find books related to the elements : Water, Fire, Earth and Air.

I tried to choose books that haven't previously appeared on my blog.

Let's begin :

Find a book with water on it

Watersong #1 - Wake by Amanda Hocking

Find a book with blue on it
Sati by Christopher Pike

Find a book with fire on it
The Stepdaughter by Carol Ellis

Find a book with red on it
Point crime - A dramatic death by Margaret Bingley


Find a book with something related to Earth on it
A Poppy Sinclair thriller #1 - Dead jealous by Sharon Jones

Find a book with green on it

Point crime - Break point by David Belbin


Find a book with air on it
Hush, hush #1 by Becca Fitzpatrick

Find a book with white on it

L.A Candy #1 by Lauren Conrad


Find a book with the colours blue, red, green and white on it
Point horror - The Cheerleader by Caroline b. Cooney

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