Saturday, 13 July 2013

Library Lovelies and Riveting Reservations #6

Long time, No Post

Please don't kill me readers,
So yet again I had a bit of a blogging break but it can be easily explained - On Wednesday I had to got to a performance so I could review it for my school newspaper and On Thursday I didn't know what post to do.
I'm back now though and it's time for the first Library Lovelies and Riveting Reservations post of July :
Riveting Reservations
This section will be complied in to three categories - Arrived (books I reserved but are now ready to collect) , In Transit (when they've sent the book to my library but it hasn't arrived yet) and Reserved (when they've not done anything regarding my reservation).Today there's only two categories though because nothings Arrived yet.
In Transit
Sweethearts #3 - Ice Dreams by Jo Cotterill - Labelled as this on the 11th July
Everything is fine (and other lies I tell myself) by Cathy Brett - Reserved 13th July
Library Lovelies
My District Library
Going too far by Jennifer Echols - I've been eyeing this up for months but Today I finally decided to borrow it. Heard excellent things about this author and I do want to read another book (Love Story) by this author so I hope she's good
The truth about my success by Dyan Sheldon - One of my favourite author's 2013 release and the plot sounds amazing. I adore books about swapping lives and indentical strangers/twins.
Airhead #1 by Meg Cabot - I've already got the second book in this series because my sister absoulutely loved this author when she was my age and younger. I'm really excited for it as I've wanted to read this for a while.
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