Thursday, 4 July 2013

Summer Lovin' Read-a-thon Update #4, My Favourite Tear-jerker and Book Spines Poetry

Tears on my pillow,
Hello book lovers,
So today I'll be discussing a book that brought out my sensitivity and my poetry skills.
Before I get started though you'll see how I'm doing in the read-a-thon.
Take a look :
Update #4
I finished re-reading Magenta #1 - Magenta Orange by Echo Freer last night and so far today I've read 32 pages.
Hope to read tonight from 20:45pm - 22:00pm.
My Favourite Tear-jerker
This book is not for the optimistic person. The ending... will leave you crying for days. No one can ever say the words 'Bridge' or 'Suicide' without my vision blurring.
KAI NEVER SHOULD'VE HAD TO DIE! He's one of my favourite male characters and his letters truly made this book for me. 
The most depressing book ever.

Book Spine Poetry Challenge
The Outsider's Farwell
Saturday Night,
Last Dance,
The Princess and the Pauper,
The Outsider,The Wild One
Say Goodbye,
"Olivia, Wild Child,
Pretty Please,
Remember Me."
New Love
The New Boy , New Girl
Together , Perfect
The Sweetest thing
Spring Break,
Paradise Lost,
The end of everything.
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  1. I love a book that can really make me feel and Undone sounds like such a book. I will have to check it out.

    1. You definitely should. You won't regret it !

      Thank you for following and friending !

  2. Great poetry! Happy Readathon!

    Here’s my Tears on My Pillow/Book Spine poetry post

    1. Thank you !

      Loved yours too !

  3. I love both your poems. Looks like youput a lot of thought into them.

    Jenn @ Book Beats

  4. I like your second poem! :D